El Camp is hiring! We are looking for energetic, creative candidates who enjoy working with kids in a fun dynamic environment. This job is a short term position for 2-3 weeks between July 3-21st 2017, in Mclean VA.
If you are interested in joining our team please send us your resume to info@kidzofun.com


EL Camp Bel3araby provides children ages 5-12 of Arab decent with a fun driven immersion experience to practice the spoken language, gain basic literacy skills and learn about various Arab cultures.  EL Camp Bel3araby activities are designed to complement Arabic learning, with the overall goal of supporting children’s literacy acquisition and kindling their love to the language and embracing the culture. EL Camp will give children the opportunity to listen to the different sounds of the language and to a variety of meaningful and enjoyable words and expressions through play, arts and crafts, songs, stories,  and more.

The Camp Curriculum was developed according to the following principles:

Research-based: The curriculum uses proven best practices from existing academic research on how to teach children to speak, read and comprehend.

Culturally Appropriate: The curriculum is designed to target children in the US of Arab roots and has with no religious or political affiliations.  The camp will provide a supportive environment and a safe place for children to develop their skills.

Fun: The curriculum prescribes play-based reading/writing activities that engage children in a developmentally appropriate and entertaining way. Furthermore, the activities incorporate numerous learning modalities, to accommodate all children.



El Camp Weekly Themes
The Bel3araby camp will run for three sessions this July (2017). 
Each session is a week long (5 days from ​9:00 am to 2:00 pm.)
After Care is available from 2:00-5:00 pm at an additional cost.

Children will engage in story telling, letter and word games, arts and crafts, 
outdoor activities, Singing & More! 

  1. July 3rd- July 7th (July 4th off)
    Week/Session 1: Letters and Words حروف وكلمات
    Fun and engaging activities will aim to build children’s letter knowledge, phonemic awareness and expand their vocabulary. الأنشطة الممتعة ستنمي مهارات القراءة لدى الطفل وتوسع مفرداتهم اللغوية
  2. July 10 - 14
    Week/Session 2: Traveling around the Arab World حول العالم العربي
    Throughout the week children will learn about exciting Arab World landmarks such as the Pyramids, Petra, Baalbek, Fez, Sousse, Bourj Khalifa etc... ​ على مدار الأسبوع سوف يتعلم الأطفال عن معالم العالم العربي الهامة مثل الأهرامات و بترا وبعلبك، فاس، سوسة، برج خليفة الخ
  3. July 17th- July 21st
    Week/Session 3: Arts and Folklore الفنون والتراث الشعبي
    Children will learn about Arabic inspired arts, music instruments and dances. (Dabke, Oriental dancing, 3oud, Tabla etc) سوف يتعلم الأطفال عن الفنون العربية ، والآلات الموسيقية والرقصات

El Camp Will be Held at:
8991 Brook Rd, Mclean, 22102, VA

Please visit our Registration page for Rates & Registration info.